About the Section

The Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Texas was created in 1996 to address animal-related legal issues in Texas. It was one of the early animal law sections, joining the state of Michigan and the cities of Los Angeles and New York City in recognizing the need for an animal law professional organization. Its mission is to promote the study and understanding of laws, regulations, and court decisions dealing with legal issues involving animals.

Today, the section has more than 300 members and continues to grow.  Since 1996, animal law has become a mainstream discipline and is taught at law schools throughout the country, including SMU Dedman School of Law, South Texas College of Law, Texas Wesleyan School of Law, the University of Houston College of Law, and the University of Texas in Austin.

The original officers of the Animal Law Section were Inez VanderBurg, Chair; Skip Trimble, Vice-Chair; Nancy Goldberg Wilks, Secretary; and Randy Turner, Treasurer. Skip Trimble and Randy Turner have maintained their involvement with the section through the years, with Skip retiring from his councilmember position in 2011.

Past chairs of the section are Fran Ortiz, Randy Turner, Jean Jennings, Yolanda Eisenstein, Dena Fisher, Kathy Brown, Amy Bures Danna, Lisa McClain, James W. Collins, Joel Hailey, Randall Duke, and Inez VanderBurg.